Our Vision

The Purpose of Ambo Foundation is to provide academic support for underserved students as well as promoting academic interest among young children. Our vision is to guide students to advance through academics and become leaders and role models for their communities. With our service efforts, we aim to break down barriers and nurture talented students to advance in academics while also fostering the interests of others to prioritize and pursue education. Our goal is to encourage all students to succeed by providing resources and encouragement. Ultimately, our goal is to promote the importance and foster the pursuit of education in students of all ages.

Our Services


We work with teachers to provide tutoring services for students interested in seeking academic support. By collaborating with educators, we believe students will gain invaluable support customized to their needs from teachers that have taught the subject in the classroom. 


We believe networking is an important aspect of a student’s success. We work with college students to host networking events in which select college students from various departments attend and talk to young students. We believe such networking opportunities not only allow students to gain insight into future career goals but offer valuable connections.



At the end of each school year, we award students that rank top in their class as a way to encourage progress and acknowledge student achievement.

Donate to our Cause

We believe together we can help young people reach their potential. We can empower and guide future leaders that will lift their communities out of poverty. Support our cause and build the leaders of tomorrow.