Backpack Project

Highlight of backpack distribution at Baranda Elementary school, Heraro Elementary school, and Heraro High school 

October 11, 2021

For the 2020-2021 School year, we organized a fundraiser to purchase school backpacks for students in Ethiopia. Our target school was located in Southeastern Ethiopia in a region known as Baranda. This school is one of the most under resourced, lacking many essential materials for learning. The classrooms were breaking down, students didn’t have supplies, the overall learning condition was not good. While we didn’t have the means to improve everything, we decided to purchase backpacks for the students. 

Thanks to many generous donors, we raised enough funds to purchase the Backpacks For all 600 students attending Baranda elementary school. To reach more needy students, we purchased workbooks, notebooks, dictionaries, and pens for some. Two other neighboring schools with similar conditions were also included. 

Due to living conditions, and schools lacking in many aspects, many kids in this region don’t attend school. Additionally, those that do attend have little motivation to make progress. Our goal with this project was to encourage those attending school, with a hope of also attracting more young people to be interested to attend school.